Activity – Difficulty Levels for Bike Programs

In accordance with the road and asphalt conditions in Turkey and Greek Islands, we grade our routes as follows. E-bikes are available in every program.  

GRADE 1 Easy

For the guests who are generally active but new to the cycling. The routes are usually flat with smoothly rolling hills.
10-20 miles / 16-32 kms per day
Elevation gain + 150-300 mt / 500-1000 ft
Daily ride 2-3 hr.

GRADE 2 Moderate

For the guests who are active commuting riders or exercise regularly. The routes consist of several ascends and descents.
15-30 miles / 25-50 kms per day
Elevation gain + 300-650 mt / 1000-2200 ft
Daily ride 2-4 hr.

GRADE 3 Active

For the riders who bike regularly at the weekends and exercise for staying fit. The routes involve longer ascends and descends.
25-45 miles / 40-70 kms per day
Elevation gain + 600- 970 mt / 2000-3200 ft
Daily ride 3-5 hr.

GRADE 4 Challenging

For the cyclist who train regularly and ride often. This program with challenging inclines requires some endurance and strength.
35-55 miles / 55-90 kms per day
Elevation gain + 900-1350 mt / 3000-4400 ft
Daily ride 4-6 hr.

GRADE 5 Advanced

Recommended for the cyclist with serious training who aim long distance rides with several long climbs and high elevation gains for 6 continuous ride days. This program requires high level of endurance and strength so you can force your limits.
45-75+ miles / 70-120+ kms per day
Elevation gain + 1200-1800 mt / 4000-6000 ft
Daily ride 5-7 hr.