Activity – Difficulty Levels for Hike Programs

In accordance with the trails and paths in Turkey and Greek Islands, we grade our routes as follows.

Grade 1 Easy

For generally active guests who enjoys walking. The routes are mostly gentle with some uneven terrain.
2-4 miles / 4-7 kms per day
Elevation gain up to 250 mt / 800 ft
Daily hike 2-3 hr.

Grade 2 Moderate

For the guests who have active lifestyle and walk / exercise 2-3 times weekly. The routes are gentle but consist of rolling hills and several climb with some uneven terrain.
4-7 miles / 7-11 kms per day
Elevation gain up to 400 mt / 1300 ft
Daily hike 2-4 hr.

Grade 3 Active

For the hikers who hike regularly with several long climbs or exercise cardio 3-4 times weekly. The routes are usually hilly and involve steady and some steep inclines.
6-9 miles / 10-15 kms per day
Elevation gain up to 600 mt / 2000 ft
Daily hike 3-5 hr.

Grade 4 Challenging

For the hikers who exercise cardio 4-5 time weekly and enjoy the challenge with longer distances and steeper climbs. This program with its elevation gain requires some endurance and strength. The routes are hilly and mountainous with uneven and rugged terrain.
8-12 miles / 13-19 kms per day
Elevation gain up to 900 mt / 3000 ft
Daily hike 4-7 hr.

Grade 5 Advanced

Recommended only for the hikers who have excellent physical conditions and aim long distance hikes with long and steeper climbs for continuous days. The routes include mountainous terrain with some sustained ascents / descents, rock scrambling, stream crossings, and other extreme terrain.
11-13+ miles / 17-21+ kms per day
Elevation gain up to 1250 mt / 4100 ft and more
Daily hike 7+ hr.