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Bike and Cruise in the Dodecanese

Bike, cruise, and sail along the best-preserved coastline and most scenic routes of the wine dark Aegean Sea as Homer described in Iliad. The Aegean Sea has played a crucial role in the emergence of Greek civilization and mythology.  The Dodecanese archipelago represents the pinnacle of rugged Mediterranean beauty with whitewashed villages, secluded beaches, and a surprising food and wine scene. From ancient settlements and temples to medieval castles, mosques, stylish Italian architecture and submerged wartime wrecks, the past comes alive for visitors in the Dodecanese. Cycle along the never-ending tableau of distant horizons, take pleasure of limited traffic of the islands, and taste the distinct flavors of the Aegean. Explore Kalymnos, Leros, Kos, Nisiros, and Simi islands on the bike as each Dodecanese island, large and small, reveals its own individual character and story. The last ride goes along the Datca Peninsula through almond orchards to the lovely setting of the ancient theater in Knidos overlooking the unspoiled beauty of the ancient harbor. This incredibly rich program combines the ancient Greek history with natural beauty of the Aegean, the Greek cuisine with pampering service of our diligent crew onboard.


Any chosen week from Saturday to Saturday between April 13 and June 22 and between September 07 and November 09, 2024

Onboard Luxury Gulets Kaya guneri I, Kaya Guneri II, or Kaya Guneri III

Group Size, maximum 14 guests        

Group Size 6 7 8 9 10+
Prices in Euro






In June and September






Single supplement onboard is €975 for the entire week.

For the prices onboard deluxe and high-end boats, please consult us,

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